Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Audubon Center

We spent the morning at the local Audubon Center with our friends and had a wonderful time.One of the workers was on his way to a job and caught Wyatt eyeing his tractor. He was so nice to stop and let Wyatt and Sayre crawl all over this tractor.

It was a beautiful fall morning!
Ben and Sarah
Ring-Around-The-Rosie (Dani, Sayre, Wyatt, and Catie)
Sarah (with me in the background, apparently having an "duh!" moment
Catie-Bear (as my children like to call her)
Little Miss Sayre
Dani, Catie, Sayre, Ben, and Wyatt
Sarah, Catie, Sayre, Ben, and Wyatt
Sarah, having a moment, which was quite humorous to us this morning as the TDJ (topic de jour) was temper tantrums and that our children are 'really good' at them!

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